LoanShout Academy: How to Create a Deal Dashboard

LoanShout Academy
November 8, 2021

In our previous LoanShout Academy posts, we showed you how and why to create a preapproval dashboard. We discussed how you can use preapproval dashboards to generate more referrals in the future by adding multiple touch points to your interactions with real estate agents at the beginning of a transaction.

Now we're going to show you how to create a deal dashboard. A deal dashboard is at the center of LoanShout. The preapproval dashboard is important, but the deal dashboard is essential. It can add 15 to 20 touch points to two different agents, multiple transaction coordinators, clients, family members, title agents, etc, all on the same deal. It will absolutely ripple your influence out into the world, showing people how singularly great you are at your job.

Let's dive into how to do it.

Step 1: Log in.

Step 2: Navigate to your deal dashboard page.

Step 3: Click "Start New Deal."

Step 4: Fill out the transaction details and upload an attractive listing picture.

Step 5: Click next.

Step 6: Set milestones. You can use the default template or you can create your own templates.

Step 7: Click next.

Step 8: Configure your weekly email updates.

Step 9: Add all pertinent parties to the correct side of the deal.

Step 10: Click Save.

From here, all parties will receive a congratulatory “You’re Invited” email, just like with a preapproval. All parties are copied on this email and you look like a star.

Once you've received the contract, you have two options. First, select the date that you received it. Then you can click Save, which saves it quietly without sending any emails, or (preferably) you can click Save and Send Update. This sends a helpful update to all parties. You really can’t overuse this feature. People love to have their inboxes blown up with helpful transactional updates. There’s just something about humans and progress.

Deal dashboards allow you to let everybody know that you're thinking about and caring about and working on the deal. They make you look like a rockstar.

That's about it for the deal dashboard. It's powerful and simple and it should take you no time at all to set up a deal. If you have the contract pulled up on your second monitor and you have LoanShout pulled up on one of your monitors, putting the information in from the contract should take you less than five minutes.

As always, feel free to let us know if you have questions, requests, or any tips and tricks of your own for using LoanShout.

Sean Grapevine
Sean Grapevine

Sean is the founder and CEO of LoanShout.

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